Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me?

I’ve decided that it’s really time I learned US history and passed the Citizenship Test. Most intelligent Americans seem to view the test as some kind of joke, but my attitude is the same as my approach to the driving test: I don’t just want to be good enough to pass, I actually think I have a duty to go beyond that and really learn properly. The same can’t really be said of the average American.

Behold, the sinister power of cheese

That was a bit odd. I was writing a shopping list, and had just added cheese slices to the list and put it in my shoulder bag, when the phone rang and a women asked me a bunch of market research questions about cheese slices.

Telephone survey

I took part in a telephone survey the other night. It was someone calling on behalf of BU, getting opinions on medical care and medical coverage in Massachusetts. I found myself wanting to lie when answering the questions. I’m very aware that as someone with full medical coverage from one of the top HMOs in the country, able to visit the top rated doctors in the state and not worry about money, I’m in an extremely rare position.