Hanzi smatter

I’ve nothing against tattoos, in moderation, but sometimes when I see someone with Chinese or Japanese symbols tattooed on them, I wonder if they actually know what the symbols mean. Well, now there’s a web site dedicated to cases where the bearer of the symbols apparently got it wrong—Hanzi Smatter. Imagine being the lucky person tattooed with “crazy diarrhea“. Or the woman tattoed with “real melon knows men“. Or, best of all, the kid who wanted “love, honor, obey” but got “at the end of the day, this is an ugly boy“.


Got a henna tattoo at the weekend. It’s a geometric sun symbol, on my left upper arm. I’m deciding how I feel about tattoos and trying out various ideas before possibly getting the real thing. I used to think it was something I’d never do; I was never that into self-decoration, and I couldn’t think of anything that would still be meaningful to me in twenty years. And then I did.


I saw a girl on the T who had a tattoo of something—presumably a dragon—on her chest. It probably looks great when she’s topless, but only the tops of the wings were visible. It looked as if someone had just shoved a bat down her cleavage.