Pager romance

7734 <td> hello </td> 14 <td> hi </td> 193 <td> miss me? </td> 123 <td> i miss you </td> 143 <td> i love you </td> 423 <td> call me </td> 77 <td> friends forever </td> 477 <td> best friends forever </td> 345987 <td> i’m horny </td> 42 <td> fuck me </td> 43 <td> fuck you </td> 7735 <td> sellout </td> 606 <td> bitch </td> 304 <td> hoe </td> 7 <td> just kidding </td> 303 <td> stop playing </td> 99 <td> night night </td> 45 <td> goodnight </td> 56 <td> sweet dreams </td> 35006*17715 <td> silly goose </td> From a list of 1990s teen beeper codes found in an article in Harper’s magazine.

A digital telegram for your Monday

In the UK, Dixons have bought a company which sells mobile phones. The company is called Carphone Warehouse. If you’re younger than 40, you might be aware that mobile phones once looked like this: That’s the Motorola DynaTAC, with engineer Martin Cooper who made the first mobile phone call. The DynaTAC went on sale in 1984. Before that, there were even larger semi-mobile phones called carphones. They consisted of three parts: a handset, which generally looked like the DynaTAC; a control panel which was mounted into the car dashboard; and a box the size of a small suitcase which often went in the trunk of the car and contained the actual phone circuitry.

Mozilla selects new CTO

The Mozilla Organization today sought to provide further support to beleaguered CEO Brendan Eich, who has been facing criticism over his donation of $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8 campaign to ban same-sex marriage. Mozilla announced that Eich will now be joined by a new Chief Technical Officer, the rotting corpse of Fred Phelps. “Yes, technically he’s dead,” admitted Mozilla HR director Ian Competenza, “But that means his offensive actions are all in the past, and must therefore be forgotten.

Nexus 10 first impressions

It’s significantly lighter than the first gen iPad. The screen is fantastic. Unlike the original ‘iPad with retina display’, there’s no visible wobble when you scroll sideways. The back is firm, with a pleasing rubbery texture, and the edges are rounded enough not to cut into your hands. The glass is Gorilla Glass, so I’m thinking I won’t need any kind of case or protector other than a soft carry case for when I take it out of the house.

Camcorder nostalgia

The first video camera I ever used was the Sony HVC-2000P, with its “outstanding” 6X zoom lens. It weighed a “lightweight” 2.5kg, so you had to brace it on your shoulder and peer into the monochrome viewfinder. That was just the camera. To actually record something, you needed the SL-3000 portable Betamax VCR. That was the size of a small suitcase, and weighed an additional 9.1kg. You wore it on a shoulder strap, on the shoulder that wasn’t supporting the camera.

Phone vs watch

I gather that increasing numbers of people these days use their cell phone to tell the time, and don’t bother with a watch. However, the watch is fighting back. Behold, the quad band GSM phone in a wristwatch, with Bluetooth (so you can pair it with a headset for phone use) and OLED display showing analog hands. Plus 1.3MP camera, kinetic battery recharge, and MP3 player. At 13mm thick it’s still pretty bulky, but not much worse than my Casio G-Shock.

Crank radio for cranks

I’m by no means a survivalist crackpot–I’m entirely too reliant on modern pharmaceuticals–but the Eton FR1000 is really cool. It’s an FM, AM and GMRS radio (walkie-talkie) with vox activation. It’s an LED flashlight and emergency siren. It’ll charge your cell phone. And it can be powered by AA batteries, rechargeable NiMH, AC adaptor, or hand crank! All it’s missing is shortwave.

Transparent Society hardware update

How would you like a digital video camera that records 15fps video in 3GP format (QuickTime-compatible) direct to flash drive, is small enough to fit in a pack of gum, and has 33 hour capacity? It’s currently $295. In less than 10 years cameras like this will be so cheap anyone will be able to afford one. Phones will be able to upload their video live to the Internet, in case of confiscation.

Transparent society update from Chicago

An amazing article from the Chicago Reader describes a recent incident in which an out-of-uniform police officer who was late arriving to work, shot an unarmed man in the head at point blank range, in full view of security cameras. The officer lied and said that at the time of the shooting he was surrounded by 4 or 5 men who had threatened his life. When police discovered that the video footage existed, the story was changed to say that the victim had raised a fist and attempted to disarm the officer, and that the cop had raised his arm and accidentally shot the victim through the head.

iPhone remorse?

As the reality distortion field begins to fade, people are starting to wake up to the iPhone’s shortcomings. I’ve been assembling a list of issues I’ve seen mentioned: No SDK. No Flash. No Java. No Bluetooth file transfer. No DIY MP3 or AAC ringtones. Although the camera takes 2 megapixel photos, the only way to get them out is to e-mail them, which resizes them to 640×480. No Bluetooth keyboard support.