Katrina and the waves

So it’s a total disaster in New Orleans. Three levees are breached, one of them has a hole over 150 meters across. 80% of the city is under water up to 6 meters deep. The entire city is without electrical power or water supply. It’s estimated that it will be 9–12 weeks before they can even get rid of the water, much less get the city habitable. Interstate 10 is broken chunks of floating concrete; there’s no route into the city for trucks and other major vehicles.

Love him, he’s a liberal

E-mail to Ted Kennedy: I’ll keep this short: You voted for a bill authorizing acting President Bush to start a war, in whatever manner he sees fit? What on earth were you thinking? I expected better of you, of all people. The bill in question was S.J.RES. 23, and Barbara Lee was the only person to vote against it, just like she was the only person to vote against giving the President unrestricted power to order the bombing of Yugoslavia.