Snakes on a Plane

Snakes On A Plane. You can just imagine the pitch meeting. Turner: I have got this killer idea for an action horror movie. Ellis: Sure, hit me. Turner: OK, here’s the setup…there are a bunch of people on a plane. And the plane is carrying a load of, like, poisonous snakes. And the snakes are accidentally let out. Ellis: Are you drunk? Turner: No, listen, there’s more. Samuel L. Jackson is on the plane.

CD pricing

After a day of working from home, I had to get out of the computer room. I went to Harvard Square in search of a 2x mono 3.5mm jack to 1x stereo 3.5mm plug converter. I found one at Radio Shack, but it’s a blocky thing that won’t plug directly into the camcorder, so I need to either find a really short 3.5mm stereo headphone extension cable, or wire up my own converter.

The Mothman Prophecies

Since I missed the MLK day holiday while I was down in Florida, I took a random day off today. I met up with Mark, and he took me to a restaurant in Chinatown and ordered something in Chinese. What turned up was a plate of some kind of dark green beans, a plate of crispy tofu, and some rice. It was good, as was the tea. Then he showed me a pastry shop that sells cakes comparable to Mike’s Pastry, but for under a buck each.