Homeland Security and less pleasant things

Today was the day of my citizenship interview. The appointment was at the Department of Homeland Security US Citizenship and Immigration Services office in San Antonio, so I had taken the day off. I set out at 9am, and almost immediately encountered a dead armadillo on the road. I wondered if it was an omen. Turned out, maybe yes. The journey to San Antonio is about 120km each way. It’s a long, boring drive down I-35, enlivened only by the antics of Texas drivers doing stupid shit like tailgating 18 wheelers and cutting in front of buses in their pickups.


I woke up early this morning from an exam nightmare. I thought I was over those, really I did. This one was a confused mess, it wasn’t clear whether I was supposed to be graduating or sitting “A”-Levels, which is maybe why I didn’t remember that I’m way, way past having to worry about any of that.