Quote of the week

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) on Larry Craig: You don’t toss off, er, over, a friend of that duration … There’s been a lot of favorable talk about Larry in the cloakroom.” About how everyone in the Senate thinks he’s a fine upstanding member, no doubt. Quoted in the Washington Post.

Godwinning the war

Tony Lagouranis, US army interrogator at Abu Ghraib, quoted in the Washington Post: “At every point, there was part of me resisting, part of me enjoying,” Lagouranis said. “Using dogs on someone, there was a tingling throughout my body. If you saw the reaction in the prisoner, it’s thrilling.” […] Then a soldier’s aunt sent over several copies of Viktor E. Frankel’s Holocaust memoir, “Man’s Search for Meaning.” Lagouranis found himself trying to pick up tips from the Nazis.

This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco

A few more bad apples. It’s starting to look as American as bad apple pie: Allegations that American soldiers routinely tortured and maltreated detainees have emerged from a third Iraqi city, renewing fears that abuse similar to that inflicted in Abu Ghraib jail in Baghdad has been systematic and widespread. American soldiers in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul beat and stripped detainees, threatened sexual abuse and forced them to listen to loud western music, according to statements seen by the Guardian.

Iraq: Our victory is assured

From The Washington Post: The Bush administration has devised a strategy to declare victory in Iraq even if Saddam Hussein or key lieutenants remain at large and fighting continues in parts of the country, officials said yesterday. If only they’d thought of that idea thirty years ago, Vietnam could have gone down as one of the great American military victories.

Putting an end to partisan politics

From the Washington Post: A day after Congress voted to authorize Bush to use force against Iraq, a mass e-mail was distributed by the executive office of the president. It referred to Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.), who led the opposition to the resolution, as “doddering old Bob Byrd, the senile senator from West Virginia.” It called Hispanic Democrats in the House who opposed the resolution “self-centered, do-nothing, $150,000/year plus perks yo-yo’s.

Military Intelligence

The Washington Post reports that US military intelligence believes that Al Qaeda is fleeing Afghanistan by sea. Now look at a map of Afghanistan.