Whatever it takes

Friday was definitely the worst Friday ever. I wandered in to the office with my coffee, and discovered that my main work laptop—an IBM ThinkPad, obviously—had mysteriously powered itself off overnight, instead of merely going to sleep. I booted it, only to get the dreaded Fan error message. (If you’re falling asleep already, skip down to the moral of the story.) A fan error is pretty much the kiss of death for a recent laptop.

After 25 disaster-free years

For the first time in my life, I just spilt liquid on a computer. The computer was my ThinkPad; the liquid was plain water, from a glass on my desk. The entry point for the liquid was the usual one, the keyboard. So far, no ill effects; I’ve removed the liquid that got into the DVD drive, and will leave it to dry out. Of course, this isn’t much of an event.


I’ve got a second-hand Orinoco card for my ThinkPad. Next time I need to work at home, I’ll be Wombling free.