iDVD problems

Well, I was up until nearly 01:00, but I finished the San Francisco DVD in time for Christmas. The first burn had something wrong with the menu screen; iDVD is incredibly picky about what file format you use. (PNG works, TIFF doesn’t.) Another iDVD problem is that if you use the “automatically add slideshow to DVD-ROM” checkbox, then it often either crashes (OS 9) or locks up (OS X) during encoding.

Burning inside: CD-R and archiving data

Some people may wonder why my web site was left unchanged for over a year. Well, I’m engaged in a lengthy project to digitize my entire photo collection, using a Nikon film scanner to produce 3000×2000 scans direct from the negatives. Some of the images are decades old, and often the film has deteriorated and needs careful restoration. Color film in the 70s really wasn’t very stable, and these negatives haven’t been particularly well cared for either.