Standardization question

Who defined the standard width for toilet paper, and when? Clearly at this point the standard is self-sustaining, but back in the early years of bathroom hygiene this cannot have been the case. Also, I find it curious that it’s an international standard. I mean, the USA has to differ from the rest of the world in practically every other field of human endeavor, but the toilet paper is the same width here as in every other country I’ve visited.


Which contains more bacteria: the ice in your soda at a fast food restaurant, or the water in the toilet at the same restaurant? A schoolgirl in Florida decided to investigate. You can probably guess the outcome: on average, you’d be safer to drink from the toilet.

Flushed with success

Last night, the slow leaking of the toilet became unbearable. I had bought a replacement valve assembly, and decided to fit it. Unfortunately, the metal nuts that held the various pipes in place had rusted solid, and the rubber seals had perished, so after an hour or so I had a toilet that was leaking even worse. I felt like a pathetic worthless loser. We called and arranged for a plumber this morning.