Attacked by Saudis? Invade Iraq!

I’m sure there are some people who still doubt that Bush decided to attack Iraq immediately after 9/11, in spite of the fact that the 9/11 attackers were Saudi Arabian and Iraq had nothing to do with it at all. So: PRESIDENT George Bush first asked Tony Blair to support the removal of Saddam Hussein from power at a private White House dinner nine days after the terror attacks of 11 September, 2001.

In the interests of balance

Back in the days of the Clinton trials, you may recall certain smug Europeans opining that there would never be a fuss about something that trivial in their countries. Well, the current focus of scandal in the UK is Tony Blair. The horrible scandal? Well, it’s all a bit complicated, but I’ll attempt a brief summary: There’s a well-known con man named Peter Foster. His girlfriend, Carole Caplin, is a former topless model.

I’ve got your vote right here, Tony

The UK Foreign Office has just posted the new versions of the postal voter registration forms. It looks as if it’s now possible for me to just fill in a form, send it off, and get registered to vote in forthcoming elections. The previous procedure was a typical bureaucratic obstacle course: find the nearest British Consulate (they don’t tell you the address), write to them, ask for a form, wait for them to mail it out, complete the form, get it witnessed by someone else who is a British Citizen but doesn’t live in the UK, mail it in with copies of your birth certificate and/or passport, wait for the notification that you’re registered, then write again to request forms to vote.