Summer camp with a difference

Recently I watched a documentary about a group of 5 UK teenagers who went away to a Summer Camp in the US.

I remember Charlie Brown used to go away to summer camp. I always thought it was a strange idea; one of those very American institutions that Americans probably assume exist everywhere, like college fraternities and drive-through restaurants.

This particular summer camp was more of an institution than usual, though: it’s a camp for children who suffer from Tourette Syndrome, often as well as OCD and ADHD.

Tourette’s Syndrome

Coming home, I was sat next to the guy with Tourette’s Syndrome. At least, that’s what I assume it is; I’m no expert. He’s often travelling either to or from Davis Square. He sits and basically babbles whatever enters his head. Sometimes he tries to read a book or magazine, and you hear bits of the text incorporated into his vocalizations. Tonight it was mostly unintelligible; if it was a foreign language, it wasn’t one I recognize.