Well-kept gardens also die from activism

Over at lesswrong.com a posting titled Well-Kept Gardens Die By Pacifism makes the case that “Good online communities die primarily by refusing to defend themselves”, and that moderators are necessary. That may be true, but it’s also the case that moderation can kill communities. Any community that really needs to question its moderators, that really seriously has abusive moderators, is probably not worth saving. But this is more accused than realized, so far as I can see.

My first ever Usenet posting

Google have enhanced their Usenet archives. They now have a complete archive from May 1981 onwards. With the aid of this amazing technology, I believe I have located my very first Usenet posting. I actually got called in to talk to the University IT sysadmins about my posting. Undergraduates weren’t even supposed to know how to read Usenet, let alone post to it. Amusingly, it all started because I accidentally mistyped “rm” as “rn”.