Go lizards!

Today I saw a wasp starting to build a nest in the corner of the back porch. I made a mental note to hose him away some time tomorrow. Then tonight, we came home to find 4 geckos of various sizes gathered on the back porch—and one of them was eating the wasp.

At least the squirrels are cute

Spring is here, and the garden is bursting with new life. Oozing, wriggling and crawling with new life. We can broadly divide the contents of the garden into the following categories: Neoptera terreorus, or things which I am scared of. This category includes anything with more than 4 legs that is over 1cm in its largest dimension. Eukaryota mortis nausicam, or things which I am revolted by. This category includes piles of dead leaves, dead and rotting things, dessicated insects, and so on.