The trouble with LiveJournal

[For more cases of LiveJournal Abuse Team behaving abusively, check out]

For several years I was a paying user of LiveJournal. Now I pay for web hosting and run my own content management system. It’s not by choice; this is the story.

In a nutshell, following an altercation with a racist troll, LiveJournal suspended my account without warning, even though I had not breached their Terms Of Service. They didn’t suspend the troll’s account–instead, they announced that (contrary to their written terms of service) racist comments were in fact perfectly acceptable on LiveJournal.

Attempts at compromise to resolve the issue were ignored and rejected, even when I offered to delete offending comments. The money I had paid for the service they were refusing to provide was not refunded.

Vanishing web providers I have known

Well, it appears I’ve landed myself in the middle of an Internet fraud. The web hosting provider I was using, which vanished overnight, is supposedly one of the numerous web hosts set up by someone known as “Shang”… and also known as Josuee Shang, Joe Shang, Joe Sheikron, Josuee Ortiz, Joe Guadalupe and Joshua Shang Ortiz. It gets weirder. His step-father is apparently named Daniel Milk, and is a VP at Compaq who managed to lend his son a bunch of Compaq machines to start his hobby web hosting business with.

Another web hosting provider disappears

My web hosting provider exploded. The company who supposedly bought their customer lists has failed to get things going after a week or two. So, I need a new web host. Requirements: Linux or UNIX based SSH access and rsync for uploading my site Low monthly fees No price gouging for extra bandwidth Low or zero setup fee One domain, at least 3 subdomains At least 2 POP3/IMAP mailboxes A reasonable amount of space (50 MB or more) SpamAssassin Nice-to-have features:

Web hosting goes boom

My web site’s down again. I’ve checked the logs and found out why: another 68,000 people downloaded my screensaver this month alone. That means well over 100,000 have downloaded it since I released it. I just can’t afford to keep paying for that kind of bandwidth unless I make the thing shareware, so I’ve submitted it to info-mac, and I’ll be removing it from my web site temporarily. Please feel free to pass copies to friends or put up mirror copies while I wait for info-mac to do their stuff.