Elections, American style

In Alaska, a school board election ended in a draw. There was a recount—still a draw. Hence, state law required that it be settled by lot. So, they tossed a coin to decide who won the election. That’s not the weird bit; the weird bit is that the dead candidate won. So they had the foresight to put in rules about what to do if two candidates got exactly the same number of votes—but forgot to mention anything about requiring that candidates be alive?

Advice on choosing a mate, from News of the Weird

According to Spanish biologist J.J. Negro (Estacion Biologica de Donana), reporting in the journal Nature in April, male Egyptian vultures compete for females on the basis of how brightly yellow the males’ faces are, and that brightness varies directly with the amount of excrement they eat. Cartenoids in dung produce the yellow around the vultures’ eyes, and only the strongest vultures can safely eat enough bacteria-laden feces to get a rich color.