Google/Android tip: Birthday reminders

If you open up Google Calendar and choose the Add link under “Other calendars” (on the left), there’s an option to “Browse Interesting Calendars”. On the Interesting Calendars page is a “More” tab. On the More tab is “Contacts’ birthdays and events”. This magic calendar contains the birthdays and anniversaries for everyone in your Google address book, which of course is synced with your Android contact list. The next step is to get reminders somewhere where you’ll see them.

Oblique things

Being laidback, easygoing types, the spouse and I often end up having long and tedious conversations about where to go eat, along the lines of: “Are you hungry?” “I guess so.” “Let’s go out.” “OK.” “Any ideas?” “Umm… don’t mind, really.” “What kind of food do you feel like?” “I don’t really have any strong preference.” I used to have similar problems with Richard in Cambridge, and came up with an idea I called Oblique Restaurants.