Mast debate

A recent BBC Panorama documentary has suggested that wifi Internet might be a major health hazard. Scary quotes about chromosome damage and radiation exposure have appeared all over the Internet. Unfortunately, the documentary’s conclusions are junk science. Let’s start off by noting the inverse square law, a piece of basic physics which applies to electromagnetic radiation exposure. Basically, the strength of a signal varies in proportion to the distance squared.

Bad Windows! *smack*

Looks like I’m having a Bad Windows Day. IE has already locked up once. Palm have dropped the price of the Palm VIIx to $99—but you have to sign up with their service, which costs an outrageous $25 per month. That’s more than I pay for my mobile phone service, which includes full wireless Internet! No wonder Palm can’t shift the things…

Tech analysis: Iridium and 3G

When I first read about Iridium, the global satellite-based mobile phone system, I thought it was a cool idea. When I read more about it, and discovered how the service actually worked, I knew it would never sell. The thing about Iridium was: The phones didn’t work indoors, or in cars, buses or trains. The sound quality was worse than a conventional digital mobile phone. The USA was divided into five vertical stripes or ‘zones’, and you could only have your service activated in three zones at once.