Trip report, day 2 (mid)

IBM had provided me with a plan for day 2: Get up at 06:00. Take the bus to the Dolphin Hotel. Have breakfast in the meal tent. Attend a five hour presentation on software sales targets and performance worldwide. Have lunch in the meal tent. Set up the pedestal in the Productivity Café Work the pedestal until 22:30. After giving the plan careful consideration, I made a few minor revisions:

Trip report, day 1

In retrospect, it was my own damn fault. I should have gone for the peppermint. But no, I chose the raspberry Earl Grey, which is apparently full of caffeine. That, combined with worrying about the day to come, meant that I only got around four hours of actual sleep on Saturday night. Sunday morning, the taxi didn’t quite turn up. In spite of the fact that I had spelled out the street name, somehow the house number had been omitted again.