A rare excursion into memetic propagation

Ten books on my bookshelf which almost certainly aren’t on yours. “Threaded Interpretive Languages” by Loeliger. Describes how to build FORTH systems. Published by Byte back when FORTH was mainstream. (Why, yes, I am that old.) A.R.T.H.U.R. by Lawrence Lerner. Poetry from an imaginary AI. Much better than RACTER. “The Third Word War: Apostrophe Theory” by Ian Lee. Starts off as a catalog of grocers’ apostropes, mutates into a collection of photographic meta-references and arch puns.

Random acts of kindness #2

So yes, I was one of the many people who sent some cash to Robert Anton Wilson. If you didn’t hear about it, well, don’t worry, it seems there’s a happy ending. I actually still haven’t read the Illuminatus! trilogy. I’ve always been far more impressed by his ability to write about serious philosophical concepts, from Aristotelian logic to Zen Buddhism, yet still get in at least one good laugh per page.