Cultural Centers

A visit to the British Council Library in Germany

We went to the British Council Library to take back some library books XQ had borrowed. On the way we passed the American Cultural Center (sic). It wasn’t what I was expecting; it was a quiet, featureless white building. It wasn’t covered in neon, and it didn’t have any giant paintings of Mickey Mouse on the side. It didn’t even have a flag.

The British Council Library had a selection of video cassettes for hire. I looked through to see what they had chosen as representative of British culture. The largest section was Comedy, which for some reason included Max Headroom. Just about every genre of TV comedy was represented, from the heights of Yes, Minister to the execrable depths of Benny Hill, from Monty Python’s Flying Circus to Red Dwarf.

The only notable gap was that they didn’t have any tapes of Allo, Allo. I suppose Germany isn’t quite ready for loveable cuddly comedy Nazis yet.