Advice on registering domain names

Whatever you do, do not use Network Solutions as your domain registrar. I made the mistake of going with them for a business domain registration—after all, it wasn’t my money.

However, not only are they about the most expensive registrar, they’ve also got to be one of the worst for customer service. I sent in a form on the 15th; today it’s the 23rd, so I got impatient and phoned. As I write, the phone says I’ve been on hold for 30 minutes. For this they charge $300?

Aha… a person…

No, wait, they’d transferred me to the wrong department. Back on hold.


I gave up after 36 minutes, when I noticed in the NSI FAQ that even after they give me the tracking number I need to fill in the form, it’ll take them three to six weeks to actually process the form.

Fuck ’em. I’ll transfer the registrations to another registrar and then do the updates.