Palm OS development sux0rs

Spent most of the afternoon in a futile attempt to get the Palm OS development kit working. I’ve probably wasted several days on it, in fact. I tried installing it under Linux, but couldn’t get the emulator to run, and didn’t fancy debugging on the Palm I use for all my important data. Yesterday I tried MiNT, but Palm don’t seem to document where to install the library and include files for a UNIX system. I guess if you’re not intimately familiar with the configuration of a multi-target GCC install, they don’t want you developing software for them. It didn’t help that I was working with a gcc binary built using an unknown config by someone whose web page makes it clear that he’s not in the mood to ask questions.

You might be wondering why I don’t give in and buy CodeWarrior. Well, I feel that $400 a year is a ludicrous amount to pay for a compiler, especially to write free software with in my spare time.

I’d write in Java and use Jikes to compile, but I’d need to install a couple of hundred kilobytes of Java runtime, and (see below).