Out of limbo

I’m now transferred to a new group within Team IBM. I have lots of real work to do, it’s important and visible (at least within Big Blue), and could be really difficult. I feel more relaxed than I have in months.

Perverse, I know, but being somewhat at a loose end makes me tense—whereas impossible deadlines and server crashes relax me. If a vital system goes down for some completely inexplicable reason, generally I’ll be completely calm and methodical as I diagnose and probe and experiment until I establish exactly what’s wrong, and then fix it. It’s something that came up in my Meyers-Briggs psychological profile; I suppose it makes me ideally suited to working as a sysadmin or web developer.

“Hmm, this is an intriguing problem… looks like the entire web site is down and the orders database is scrambled somehow… this’ll be a fun afternoon.”

Other people do crosswords for that kind of thrill, or play adventure games. (Well, I play adventure games too.)

I’ve known other tech people who get really grouchy and tense when things break. They’ll shout and stomp and kick things and generally crack up. Beats me why they don’t find a different job. Especially the ones who work with Microsoft systems.