Otter news

From the Telegraph:

A zoo keeper was held captive inside an enclosure for half an hour after a pair of otters made off with his keys. Warren Crutchley, 38, had to call for help when Filly and Smudge disappeared into their pool with the makeshift toy. He had left the bunch of keys behind him in the door of the compound at the Aquarium of the Lakes, in Windermere, Cumbria, when the animals struck.

As soon as he realised what was happening he tried to lure Smudge into dropping them by offering her food but she started jumping in and out of the water away from his reach. “I stopped trying to catch her and ended up yelling for help,” Mr Crutchley added. “My colleagues eventually let me out with a spare set of keys. I felt a proper fool.”

As one of the keepers at Seattle Aquarium explained to me, they have to keep the otters under lock and key, because the little furry rascals easily work out how to slide a bolt…