Last night’s dream

I’m back in the science labs at school, studying Physics. For some reason Racheline is my lab partner. We’ve been assigned some textbook experiments in electromagnetism. Because of the risk of electric shock, the textbook recommends that we wear insulating clothing. So of course, we’re both in latex rubber fetishwear. Racheline is wearing boots with platform heels, so she’s particularly well insulated from ground.

I’m trying desperately to concentrate on the physics, and not get turned on. I read the directions for the experiment. The person carrying out the actual measurements needs to hold two electrical probes, keep both hands a fixed distance apart, and take readings from two points simultaneously. To avoid electrical interference, the measurer’s hands should be grounded. The textbook recommends a pair of metal handcuffs attached by a thick chain to the desk.

Racheline graciously offers to handcuff me, but I realize there’s no way I’ll be able to focus on voltage readings if she does. I convince her that because she has the heels, she’s better insulated, and should be the one holding the probes. I handcuff her, and as I do so I realize that the other kids in the lab are watching us intently.

And I wake up.

I’m not one to assign a great deal of symbolic significance to dreams; I just thought this one was amusing. I should point out that I hardly ever have sexual dreams, and I’ve never dreamed about Racheline before.