Rapid spin cycle

Presidential election results

The Presidential election results are finally in

  • If you count chads with at least one corner detached as votes, and incompletely-filled optical ovals—the prevailing standard—Gore won by 60 votes.

  • If you require at least two corners of the chad to be detached, Gore won by 105 votes.

  • If you require only dimpled chads, Gore won by 107 votes.

  • If you take the county results instead, for the counties who completed a hand recount, Gore won by 171 votes.

  • If you accept dimpled chads only if there are other dimpled chads on the same ballot, Gore won by 42 votes.


  • If you count only the counties where the Gore team asked for a recount, Bush won.

  • If you don’t count any of the disputed votes, Bush won.

So, how is this being reported by the “liberal media”?

CNN: “A comprehensive study of the 2000 presidential election in Florida suggests that if the U.S. Supreme Court had allowed a statewide vote recount to proceed, Republican candidate George W. Bush would still have been elected president.”

Washington Post: “Florida Recounts Would Have Favored Bush”