Adobe vs Macromedia

A while back, Adobe sued Macromedia for patent infringement. Adobe had a software patent on customizable tabbed palettes.

Macromedia responded by countersuing Adobe for using some stuff they had patented, including blended colors and visual editing of waveforms.

Adobe won their lawsuit, and got a judgement of $2.4m. Bet they thought they were pretty smart, huh?

Well today, Macromedia won the countersuit, and got a judgement of $4.9m. Bwahaha.

Macromedia’s Fireworks quickly surpassed PhotoShop for creation of web graphics. It’s also a quarter of the price. In fact, you can buy the entire Corel graphics suite for less than the price of just PhotoShop. However, Adobe are the market leaders, and a lot of snobbish graphic designers won’t use anything else, so clearly Adobe thinks they have a license to price-gouge and attempt to prevent competition using the patent system. Nice to see them get a dose of comeuppance.

Quote from Macromedia’s press release: “The score is now Adobe one, Macromedia one, customers zero.”