Kidney fun

The IVP procedure basically consisted of lying still for 45 minutes while they injected me with dye and took a whole bunch of X ray photographs of my abdomen. Which was great, because after severely interrupted sleep last night I was ready for some lying still.

I was released around 11, and got some Gatorade from the first convenience store I passed as I walked the rest of the way to work. I also picked up a couple of donuts, and let me tell you, after 36 hours of fasting, those were the best damn donuts man has ever tasted.

Got to work still ravenously hungry. Got vegetarian chili in a bread bowl from Au Bon Pain, and then had a large non-fat latte. Read my e-mail, then began to feel really, really tired. Came home mid-afternoon and collapsed, exhausted, into bed. Just woke up a few minutes ago, my brain is finally working reasonably well.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a normal day.

Heard from the facilities people that I won’t get any shelves in the office for about a month, as they’re so behind with all the people moving.