Made it better to make it worse, so make it worse to make it better

Some time last week the ReplayTV stopped connecting successfully. At the weekend, the program guide information ran out and it stopped recording, so I think we missed The Simpsons and a couple of other shows.

It appears that something phone-related was upgraded—perhaps the modems at the ISP the box dials in to, perhaps our phone line—and the ReplayTV modem started connecting at a higher speed… which it couldn’t sustain, causing it to drop the line part way through.

The (hopefully temporary) solution is devious and twisted. Tell the ReplayTV to dial out, and while it does so, pick up the phone and leave it off the hook. This makes the line quality just a bit worse, causing the modem to fall back to a slower (but reliable) speed.

I’m hoping that the tech guys at SonicBlue can provide a more painless solution involving AT commands.