Well, what a freakin’ disappointment that was.

I joked a while back that since Apple couldn’t shift enough of the current iMac because of the pricey screens, they would probably introduce a new Cinema Display iMac, priced hundreds of dollars higher.

Unfortunately, they did, and it looks kinda ungainly. And that’s it for new hardware, except for a 20GB iPod.

Sure, some of the features in the next OS X release look cool, but we already knew about those. Yes, it’s nice that they’re shipping it ahead of schedule (in 5 weeks), but I do hope they’re not really going to ask everyone to pay full price for the upgrade.

It seems clear that Apple isn’t interested in the handheld market. iPod is now going to let you browse your calendar, but there’s no data input and the screen’s still tiny. The only PDA option is Palm, which hasn’t improved noticably in the last 5 years and doesn’t seem about to either.

There was also a load of stuff about how you’d be able to send postage-stamp-sized digital photos and calendar summaries to your mobile phone via GPRS or Bluetooth. Yeah, great. When the Cingular guy said that they hadn’t found a compelling killer app for GPRS, but that maybe this was it, you could hear the desperation in his voice.

Oh, iTools is getting revamped as .mac. It’s going to give you 100MB of storage, anti-virus software, backup software, and a web-accessible shared calendar. The downside is it’s going to be $100 a year. I want to know how much bandwidth I get before I shell out cash for iTools; right now sites get shut down if they get a few hundred hits.