Peace rally

Like the rest of Cambridge, we went to the peace rally on Boston Common. Expected turnout was around 10,000 people, but they got way more than that. The official estimate was 15,000, but I’d say it was more like 20,000. The rally started at 13:00, but people were still arriving and the crowd was thickening at 14:30.

When the march started, we were far enough back that we couldn’t see the of it. We stopped to get a mocha and coffee and warm up at Au Bon Pain on the way back, which took about ten minutes, and when we left to rejoin the march it was still heading past.

There was a cute Asian girl walking around with a sign saying “free hugs”. When I saw the sign I laughed, so she hugged me. I hope I didn’t give her my cold.

There were guest musicians, and speakers included Howard Zinn and Tim Robbins.

Also spotted: Several war veterans wearing “Veterans for Peace” caps, a bomb decorated with “DROP BUSH, NOT BOMBS”, and some punkish anarchist cheerleaders in black and red. Now that’s what a movement needs to get some real popularity… disobedient cheerleaders.