Cocoa better, not Cocoa butter

Spent the afternoon and early evening improving the screensaver and learning my way around Cocoa better. (As opposed to cocoa butter, which would probably have been much more enjoyable if used appropriately.) I now have a preferences sheet with various sliders and a color selector, and code to load and save preferences in the correct way. In the process, I triggered yet another bug; tracking it down revealed yet another way in which the reality of the screensaver API differs from the documentation. This in turn has suggested a possible cause for the “textures vanishing when returning from full screen preview” bug, which I’ll investigate tomorrow.

Also on the agenda for tomorrow is gluing together the parameters set by the preferences dialog, and the actual OpenGL snowflake animation code. Should be reasonably trivial, and while I’m in there I plan to try adding a couple more snowflake textures.

Once all that works, it’ll be 1.1b1. (1.0 was the same as 1.0rc2, for those who are keeping track, but I’m not going to bother making a separate renamed release.) Assuming 1.1b1 works for everyone else, I’ll probably go straight to 1.1 and announce it on MacUpdate and VersionTracker.

Anyway, by 19:00 my brain was shutting down from excessive programming. I was unable to engage in conversation; in fact, I was pretty much unable to engage with the outside world at all. I wonder if I was always like this when I was hacking code all day back in the early 90s? Probably, unfortunately. I suspect that being a highly productive programmer requires a state of mind which isn’t altogether healthy.

We went to the Rosebud, I ate fish since my body was craving it. (Listen to the body, sometimes it knows what it needs and will tell you.) I made a swift return to the human race. We came back, and with the aid of coffee I fixed the aforementioned bug. I rewarded myself with a couple of mince pies and a movie.

One of the disadvantages of NetFlix is that months can elapse between adding a DVD to your queue, and actually watching that DVD. So I know that somebody, somewhere recommended that I watch Gun Shy, but I no longer have any idea who. Anyhow, it was moderately funny, but a bit too tense to be completely enjoyable. I’d probably give it 3/5.