Dan: The Motion Picture

A weekend of ups and downs.

Most of Saturday was spent on Dan’s movie project. Everything outdoors got exposed well, but the indoor shots are grainy. One of the struts of the cheap tripod broke, so now it’s a bipod. It was free anyway, so I’m not too bothered, maybe I’ll buy a nice one now. It turns out that the mix mic input of the wireless unit doesn’t feed to the output, so I’ll need to get some parts from the electronics store and make a mix cable. Fortunately the lavalier mic worked fine, so the sound was OK.

Finished the first edit this afternoon, and worked out how to hack MPEG2 sequence headers inside the iDVD project to turn the video into 16:9 anamorphic. I shot the whole thing anamorphic this time, and it looks really nice widescreen.

I found out about the shuttle from Dan when we were having some mid-afternoon snack food during the shooting on Saturday. I immediately checked BBC News via the phone; I’m not sure what I hoped to read. Obviously it wasn’t a hoax or a misunderstanding. I don’t really have anything to say about it, I haven’t watched the video footage or looked at any pictures, and I don’t think I want to.

Sunday morning I thought about brunch, as Mark said he was planning on being there for once; however, sara and I were busy in bed until around 1:30.

Something is up with the code of the new screensaver project. It’s really frustrating how the code will work on one machine and silently fail on another. I check every return value and possible OpenGL error like you’re supposed to. I’ll look at it during the week, maybe it’s time to make a minimal test screensaver and release it as open source to try and track down what the hell is going on.