Yes, I know Saddam is a bad man, but…

To paraphrase Mr Francesco Zappa, these days they have lies so big you can’t see ’em. I feel like it would be worth doing a “lie a day” feature… there’s so much material.

Let’s look at a selection of lies: That Iraq did not cooperate with UN weapons inspections, that Iraq kicked UN inspectors out of the country, that inspections did not achieve anything, and that Iraq was not cooperating at the time when war began.

Iraq’s nuclear weapons program was shut down by inspections, according to the people who were actually there. That is, until the inspectors were withdrawn for safety reasons, because America wanted to carry out some airstrikes. The inspectors were subsequently not allowed back because Iraq discovered that several of them were CIA spies. So far from refusing to comply with UN resolutions, Iraq reluctantly disarmed under UN supervision until America broke the terms of the disarmament agreement by planting spies in UNSCOM. In spite of that, inspections resumed in November after Iraq said that it would comply with the most recent US-drafted UN resolution. Did they? Well, Hans Blix said just before the war that Iraq was providing more cooperation than it had in over a decade. (Note that the Iraqis also let the UN inspectors leave freely before the start of the bombing, rather than trying to use them as “human shields”.)