meta vs mordac

IS: Why is this machine set up like this? This isn’t the standard image. Someone must have set up the machine for you.

Me: That’s right. I did.

IS: We don’t support non-standard setups.

Me: I know, but you refused to install the standard setup on this machine.

IS: Well, we can’t support this setup.

Me: Feel free to install the standard image on the machine then. I only did it because you refused.

IS: It’s a 600E. We don’t support Windows 2000 on 600E machines. You have to be running Windows 98.

Me: It was running Windows 98, but the installation was trashed. You refused to fix it because it was a 600E.

IS: You could have installed Windows 98.

Me: But I don’t have a Windows 98 install CD. And even if I did have, you wouldn’t have supported my install. So if you’re not going to support it either way, I may as well install Windows 2000.

IS: Well, just so long as you know we won’t provide support for this.

Me: Well, we didn’t ask you to support it. We asked you to support that machine over there, the one that’s actually broken.

IS: The data on this machine won’t be on that machine.

Me: The data’s on the CD we gave you. We just need you to fix or replace the broken machine.

IS: That machine’s a 600E.

Me: Yes, she has two 600Es. Both were broken, and you wouldn’t fix either of them, so I got one of them working so she could do some work this week.

IS: I’ll have to install the standard image on this broken machine.

Me: That’s fine. Reformat and install, or replace the whole machine. Then all the data that needs to be on it, is on that CD. You can put Windows 98 on it if you like, so long as you support it.