Headphone amplifier + iPod = delight

If you listen to portable audio equipment a lot, you’ve probably noticed that most portable units can barely drive a set of headphones. You have to crank the volume all the way up, and even then the sound is either distorted beyond recognition, or feeble and lacking in‘kick’. This is particularly an issue with MiniDisc units and very small MP3 players.

The solution to the problem is simple: you need a headphone amplifier. Unfortunately, they’re generally big and expensive. Either that, or you have to build them yourself. So, how would you like an audiophile-grade headphone amplifier that’s barely larger than the 3x AAA cells that power it, yet features a carefully designed headphone crossover circuit to expand the soundstage and avoid that “voices in your head” effect?

Would you like it to have plenty of power to drive even a set of electrostatic headphones or high-end Sennheisers? Would you like it to be super-efficient and run for 120 hours on one set of batteries?

If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes’, pick up an XIN Super Mini Amp.