Three obsessive audio edits

The movie South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut is a work of genius, and probably one of the best musicals ever. It also works well as audio. I’ve ripped the DVD and edited it into MP3s, with all the songs separated from the linking dialog, so we can either listen to the whole thing or just the music. I did something similar editing to MiniDisc a year or two ago, and we rather unwisely listened to it while traveling to Montreal, resulting in “Blame Canada” being in my head the whole time.

Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells was originally supposed to have a different ending. Oldfield and Vivian Stanshall had gone to the pub one night and staggered back to The Manor paralytically drunk. They set up microphones, and Oldfield proceeded to stomp around the rooms playing the Sailor’s Hornpipe on guitar while Stanshall gave an eccentric drunken guided tour of the building. Richard Branson felt that this was a bit strange to be part of his record label’s first release, and it was replaced with the rather dull synthesizer performance of the Hornpipe that most Tubular Bells fans are familiar with. However, the original ending was released on Boxed, and I like it far better than the official one… so I extracted it from there and re-edited it back into the latest 20 bit remastered edition of Tubular Bells.

Another movie masterpiece is Koyaanisqatsi. Unfortunately, the soundtrack CDs only ever include the Philip Glass bits, and usually in abbreviated form. The wonderful ambient linking sections and the final musique concrete tape assembly are skipped. So again, it was time to rip the DVD…