Back to reality

We’re back from Las Vegas. Further details to follow. In the mean time…

To the baggage thrower who decided to steal stuff from my suitcase

I expect by now you’ve discovered that the exciting looking rectangular device is a battery charger for the proprietary battery pack of a digital camera, and not the digital camera itself. Unless you happen to have exactly the same make and model of digital camera, it’s likely to be of no value to you.

Similarly, I imagine you were disappointed when you discovered that the iPod Firewire cable was not accompanied by the iPod itself. You did succeed in pissing me off by stealing it, because it meant a trip to the Vegas Apple Store, but other than that your light-fingered activities were pretty ineffectual—as it happened, the camera battery lasted for the entire trip, and we had a fully charged spare anyway.

Still, a hearty “fuck you” in your direction. I will, of course, be reporting the whole thing to the TSA in great detail, as what with the anniversary of the whole Lockerbie thing and the current Orange Alert, I imagine they’re not too keen on people like you being able to fiddle with the contents of luggage undetected.