I am sick as a dog. I woke at around 05:00 and spent an hour with decongestants, steam inhaler and neti pot, and succeeded in clearing out a nostril so I could get some more sleep. It’s amazing how much… stuff… can come out of one’s nose.

Now I have a vague fuzzy headache, but on the whole I feel a bit better than I did last night. Time for a day of not doing very much.

The problem I always have when I’m ill is what to do to amuse myself. When I was young I once had a miserable week in Eire… well, I had quite a few of those, but this particular one involved a stinking cold. The only entertainment I had was one book, a book for kids about interesting experiments with electrical circuits.

Years later, looking at that book would bring back such strong memories of illness and nausea that any enjoyment would be wiped out. So now I’m always careful how I entertain myself when I’m ill, because I don’t want to (say) ruin a favorite album by listening to it while I have‘flu.