In the interests of balance

Back in the days of the Clinton trials, you may recall certain smug Europeans opining that there would never be a fuss about something that trivial in their countries.

Well, the current focus of scandal in the UK is Tony Blair. The horrible scandal? Well, it’s all a bit complicated, but I’ll attempt a brief summary:

There’s a well-known con man named Peter Foster. His girlfriend, Carole Caplin, is a former topless model. Tony Blair’s wife Cherie employed Carole Caplin as a therapeutic masseuse.

That’s not the scandal. No, the scandal is that allegedly Carole Caplin was also given responsibility for buying Tony Blair’s underpants.

I could accept that this was worth reporting it if it was the “silly season”—the summer, during which newspapers desperate for any old crap to fill the pages will print just about anything. But come on, people, it’s March. Who really cares if Carole Caplin went to MS to pick up some Y-fronts for the PM?