Relocation situation

The buyers of my UK apartment are stalling with more awkward questions about the company that manages the grounds and building. My mother thinks it’s a ploy; apparently they’re a rich family from Hong Kong buying their daughter a place to stay while she goes to college. So, they don’t want to start paying mortgage payments until next month when college starts, so they’re stalling.

It’s frustrating, but there’s nothing much can be done. Although in the US it seems to be standard operating procedure to seek backup bids, in England that simply isn’t done, so we wait a while more. It’ll take six more weeks if we give up and try to find a new buyer.

Once the property’s sold and I get the money, things will start moving again. We’ll get a car, start packing, and so on. Until then, there’s not much to do except try and clear out junk we don’t need.

Nevertheless, I’ve spent a couple of hours looking at car porn and will probably ask a few local dealers about the wait list situation.