End of an error

I wrote some Perl, and cleaned out all the links to LiveJournal threads from my journal. If you posted comments in response to anything in my journal, sorry, they’re gone, you know why. I also replaced all the LJ usernames and journal and community links; damned if I’m going to give them any free (good) publicity.

People have asked, but no, I’m not going to waste any more effort trying to get the LJ management to clean up their act. I wrote them off as a hopeless cause 2 weeks ago. Besides, I would rather spend my time and effort writing interesting and amusing content.

On a more positive note, I’ve finally learned how to make screen display two terminal windows in one, er, terminal window, rather than just letting you switch to ‘previous screen’ and ‘next screen’. Amazingly, I’d used the program for years without learning that fairly simple piece of knowledge. Next: how to mark text in visual mode in vi

Finally for tonight, a household hint: It is very difficult to kill moths by throwing water at them.