It’s that day again

I’ve already seen several people post comments saying “What could make a person want to do such a thing to us?” It distresses me that America is apparently still no closer to understanding the answer to that question.

Until the average American citizen understands why terrorists hate us, and puts pressure on the US government to change its policies accordingly, we will only see more and worse terrorist atrocities carried out.

So with that in mind, here is a reminder.

At the end of the 1991 Iraq war, thousands of Iraqis fled Kuwait. A convoy of conscripts (mainly Kurdish) and non-military workers tried to head back to Iraq via the Basra road. This largely defenseless convoy of fleeing trucks was attacked by US air forces using napalm, rockets and cluster bombs. The result was horrific slaughter, with tens of thousands dead. This gruesome targeting of civilians was described by the US pilots as a “turkey shoot”.

Remember, Saddam had been given the nod by the US Ambassador in Iraq to mount the invasion of Kuwait. What kind of people tell you they don’t mind if you take over Kuwait, and then drive you out and burn alive thousands of retreating civilians when you do? Try to imagine how you’d feel if that had been the treatment given to the Americans who pulled out of Vietnam in the 1970s.