Now for the tricky bit (revised)

I logged in and checked my bank balance this morning. The money from the apartment sale was there. I stared blankly at it for a while, then stared blankly at a bunch of other stuff. I’m not used to dealing with amounts of money that size, and my brain decided to go crawl into a corner for a while and pretend nothing had happened.

About half an hour later, the bank called. I had gotten their attention. They said they were never going to charge me fees for online bill payment ever again, and in fact they were going to refund this months fee, and had I considered a savings account?

Anyway… we’ve filled around 20 boxes with stuff. Somehow books take up a lot more space when they’re in boxes than when they’re on shelves. We picked up another 20 boxes this lunchtime.

I called a half dozen nearby Toyota dealers. None of them actually laughed, but the shortest delivery time any of them could offer was 12 months from now. They conceded that there was a remote possibility that they’d get a Prius that was a package or color nobody on their wait lists wanted, so I left our phone number just in case.

Next I trawled a few web sites. There are Priuses available right now, but they are in places like North Dakota and Washington State. I understand that one can get a car shipped across the country for a fee, but the idea of buying a car sight unseen from some dealer a few thousand miles away scares me more than…well, more than the idea of buying a car does in the first place. Come to think of it, there’s all sorts of stuff involved that I really have no idea about, like titles and taxes. Anyone have any experience at this kind of thing?

Also, what should car insurance cost in Masschusetts?