Soul travel–I’m where?

Douglas Adams expressed it as: No matter how fast the body travels, the soul travels at the speed of an Arcturan Megacamel. I’ve had some sleep now, and no longer feel zoned out. However, my brain definitely doesn’t really understand that this is now home, that we won’t be returning to Cambridge MA.

So, here I am in Austin, TX, where the voting machines are set to default your vote to Bush if you just press enter, and there’s no paper trail whatsoever. The machines were chosen after a secret meeting between politicians and voting machine manufacturers, at a closed session in which no minutes were taken. Hmmm.

Sara’s watching the Weather Channel. Today’s forecast is 84F, 28 celcius. Seems like a nice peak temperature to me, but she is clearly not convinced.

I have two zits under my left eye. Actual zits, with pustules and everything. Not sure why. I hope they go away. My hair is a mess and will need cutting soon. Now begins the process of learning where to go for haircuts, where to find cheap CDs, and so on.

I feel like I ought to have stuff to write about our journey, but I didn’t take any notes and nothing really occurred to me. Maybe the words will come later.