Before anyone else calls to ask if we’re going to drown…I don’t think so. The hurricane is currently projected to head up the east edge of Texas. It has weakened down to category 4 again, and Austin is just outside the edge of its projected path.

So, we’ll get some strong winds and thunder and lightning and a load of rain, but that should be about it. We’re on a hill, well above the flood plain around the river.

Meanwhile in Houston, things are grim. It looks like an attempted mass exodus; people have seen dead bodies floating in the water, and don’t want their family to end up like that. An eyewitness reports:

Local news stations report that TXDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) is opening inbound lanes to outbound traffic on I-45 North now, and Highway 290 West and I-10 West later. Traffic is now moving at a crawl when it moves at all and some people have run out of gas after having been on the road for 12 to 24 hours. There is now almost no gas left anywhere in the city.</p

So if you were asking why all those stupid people in New Orleans didn’t evacuate, you can definitely now STFU.

There’s been some mild panic in Austin too. Clearly watching the Federal Government leave New Orleans to drown has freaked people out. The local grocery stores have had a run on bread and bottled water.