Phyrric victory

A student in Canton, OH, asked a bunch of people in a chat room to go to his school’s web site and hit refresh a few times, thinking that maybe the server would crash.

He then posted a link to the server on a web page, encouraging people to go look at the page and hit refresh.

When a few hundred extra hits on the site were noticed, school officials contacted the police. The town Prosecutor charged the student with a felony, and the kid was taken to jail.

The story hit the web today, including FARK, Slashdot, digg, Boing Boing, and so on.

Curiously enough, the web pages of Lake High School and Canton Law Director Joseph Martuccio were offline when I checked them a few minutes ago.

Pity the kid wasn’t a town trustee, or the Prosecutor might just have asked him to apologize.