Trees, leaves and a squirrelfest

We just filled 7× 110 liter paper sacks with fallen leaves from the back yard. We still have plenty of leaves, but we ran out of sacks.

On Saturday it rained. I’m not sure if it was that or SXSW, but for whatever reason the squirrels all came out to play. We had all 5 of the regulars feeding at once. Chasing and comical feeding antics ensued.

The high point was when one squirrel was sitting on the squirrel-a-whirl, looking over the hub and down at the corn below. Another squirrel rushed up from behind and gave him a shove, and suddenly he was a flying squirrel.

Blacktip seems to have ceded his position of Alpha Squirrel to Tiny, our squirrel ninja whose leaps of over a meter put the others to shame. Tiny is feared by all the other squirrels—except Frida, who is apparently too psycho to give in.

The squirrels also fought off a blue jay and some grackles. It was like an urban wildlife documentary out there.

No squirrelfest photos, I’m afraid. I need a telephoto lens, but that’ll have to wait until I can sell the film SLR.

So, back yards with trees have pluses as well as minuses.

[P.S.: Cool squirrel T-shirt reprinted at Threadless, and on sale.]