World of LOLcraft

The amazing thing about World of Warcraft is that even if you’re a gamer, conversations about it sound like complete gibberish. And not the potentially interesting kind of gibberish, either.

Some quotes from the General forum Blizzard runs:

Won’t the S3 rating requirement encourage arena team selling? I mean someone could just have 1500 ratings for all of S2, wait for S3, buy a team that meets the rating requirement for the week. They would have the points and rating.

Fire Mages ouch, you got hit by a huge nerf bat with resilience, my resil alone takes off 10% of your total 20% average crit. So that gives you a measly 10% chance to crit on most decently geared fire mages so the High DPS glass cannon that was once fire mages is nothing but a PvE spec anymore. Without survivability you guys have it tough, especially with the armor nerf.

It would really help BGs if in AV HKs were worth more (except for Alliance at SH GY =) ). This would discourage a base race. The other 3 BGs needs HK honor cut way, way down. This would encourage people to actually go for objectives rather than HK farm.

It’s like D&D played over AIM by LOLcats.